Dear Friends and Partners,

We are delighted to launch our English and Life Skills course for children and teenagers, taught online, via Zoom, from 14th June onwards.

We have 2 courses:

Ages 8 – 12

Ages 13 – 17

Stimulating, challenging, interactive themes and topics:

Cultural awareness
The danger of stereotypes
Differences in cultures
How to make good friendships
How to solve problems creatively
How to be a good teenager
Can addictions ever be good?
How to know if someone is attracted to you?
Making screen time work for you
How to influence people and get what you want
Am I a global leader or a global follower?
How to work well in a team
Debating, public speaking and presentation skills
Seeing other points of view
Activism and Greta Thunberg
Is emotional intelligence the highest intelligence?

Choice of 3 different time slots to suit different time zones around the world

7.5 hours per week or 15 hours per week

Small classes – maximum of 8 students per class, international students

Pre-arrival testing, online

End of course certificate and report

Competitive prices:

£75 € 85  per week for the 7.5 hour programme;

£150 € 170  per week for the 15 hour programme